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Whenever you cast a skill, that skill will level-up by consuming PXP. So if a user does not cast/use a skill it will not level up. To boost skill level up, always maintain a full PXP bar.

Though you can level up the skill by casting it repeatedly, there is a limit on each skill. For Vagrants, their skill mastery level is till 10. For the Second class, their skill mastery level is till 10.

Step skill Immediately casted without precedeing skill and circle, finish can be followed. Circle skillMust be used between step & finish skill, this should be the last skill in chain. Finish skillMust be used after step & circle skill, this shouldn't be any skill after finish skill.

General skill A skill that can be cast immediately without any preceding skill.
Step skill A skill that can be cast immediately without any preceding skill and can be followed by a circle or finish skill.
Circle skill This skill must be used between a Step and Finish Skill.
Finish skill This skill can only be used after a Step and Circle Skill. You must not place a skill after this.

  • The action slot is located at the right side of the quick slot bar. Press the "C" key to use the skills in this slot.
  • Collating action slot ~ skills can be used in a sequence as long as you follow the order of the different types of skills. The order is: Step > Circle > Finish. You can only use the action icon if the skills are in order.
  • An example on how to collate skills in the action slot ~ (1) Step > Circle > Finish (2) Step > Finish (3) Step > Circle > Circle > Finish (4) General > General > General.
STEP Clean Hit
CIRCLE Brandish
CIRCLE Brandish
FINISH Overcut

You can put up to 5 skills on the action slot.


The action slot will then look like this: