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Baruna Upgrading System

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3. So to upgrade I must have a Baruna item and a Blessing of Baruna. How can I produce Oper Cids?

  1. Select Oper-Cid Create from the Spirit of the Smelting NPC by left clicking the NPC to see the menu.
  2. Place the Oper  , Cid  and Bareum Powder  inside the window.
  3. Oper Cid  will be created, and you can now use it to upgrade Baruna weapons.

    1. Where/how to get Oper : (see OPER creation system.)
    2. Where/how to get Cid  : (see CID creation system)
    3. Bareum Powder is available at NPC Shop in Elliun City

Diagram 3: Creation of Oper Cid via Spirit of the Smelting NPC

4. OPER Create System

    1. Select Oper Create from the Spirit of the Smelting NPC menu.
    2. Combine Oper Crystal and Oper Combiner to create an Oper.
    3. Oper Combiner can be purchased via the NPC Shop [General] Maurang in Eillun.

    4. Oper Crystals are available as a monster drop or by Oper Extract (Sacrificing Armor/Weapons)
    5. Oper Extract can also be done by the Spirit of the Smelting NPC.

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