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Baruna Upgrading System

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1. What is the Baruna Upgrade System?

Flyff V16 introduces a new race called Muran. With the appearance of this new race comes new weapons and an NPC allows players to use the New Upgrade System for upgrading Muran weapons.


  1. Baruna Upgrading system applies only to Baruna weapons (any weapon with  in the tool tip)
  2. To upgrade a Baruna weapon, you must summon the Spirit of the Smelting (NPC)
  3. When you summon a Spirit of the Smelting, you can access a menu of options by left clicking it from your inventory.

Spirit of the Smelting NPC

Udi                                                                   Piyo

Note: There are 2 ways to summon the Spirit of the Smelting NPC

  1. By completing the Baruna Tutorial Quest ‘Spirit of Smelting’ @ NPC Rutam found in Elliun Town.
  2. Purchase from Item Mall.

2. How do I upgrade a Baruna Weapon?

  1. Select the Baruna Upgrade from the Spirit of the Smelting NPC by left clicking it to see the menu.
  2. Place the  item inside the window.
  3. Upgrading requires Oper Cids.

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