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3rd Job Evolution

Lord Templar | Storm Blade | Windlurker | Crackshooter | Force Master | Florist | Mentalist | Elemental Lord

To change into your 3rd job, your character must be a level 130 Hero.

3rd Job: Lord Templar

A Lord Templar is fully equipped with powerful armors that can withstand great damage. This job uses a more developed Huge Shield in conjunction with other skills.


Starting Quest NPC Emblum
Quest NPC Location Elliun Town

Lord Templar Skills

Templar Pulling Lv1 Sword


Active Move a target closer to you.
Templar Pulling Lv2
Templar Pulling Lv3
Templar Pulling Lv4
Templar Pulling Lv5 (max)


Grand Rage Lv1 Sword Power Active Damage a target.
Grand Rage Lv2
Grand Rage Lv3
Grand Rage Lv4
Grand Rage Lv5 (max


Holy Armor Lv1 Sword - Buff Increase defense power from magic for a minute.
Holy Armor Lv2
Holy Armor Lv3
Holy Armor Lv4
Holy Armor Lv5


Scope Strike Lv1 Two-handed
Power Active Damage all nearby magic users.
Scope Strike Lv2
Scope Strike Lv3
Scope Strike Lv4
Scope Strike Lv5


Angry Increase  Lv1 no item/s needed Power Active Anger a target that increases agro value.
Angry Increase  Lv2
Angry Increase  Lv3
Angry Increase  Lv4
Angry Increase  Lv5


Shield Strike  Lv1 Shield Power Active Attack target with a shield, with a chance to stun target.
Shield Strike  Lv2
Shield Strike  Lv3
Shield Strike  Lv4
Shield Strike  Lv5