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Once upon a time, before the breaking of the world, there was a kingdom that was said to have been blessed by the Five Gods themselves. Azria was its name, and it was ruled by a just and righteous king and his son, the prince. Together they used their ardent love for knowledge to inspire their people and usher in a period of prosperity never before seen in the world.

Thus it was that Azria became so famous that it drew the other nations envy. Foreign warships set their course for the continent and began to attack. However, so advanced were the Azrians that no weapon could pierce their armors or take down their flying chariots. All the efforts of neighboring countries and tribes in conquering the great kingdom proved futile in the face of the superior Azrian technology. Indeed, Azria was the brightest jewel amongst all the known lands.

However, rumor of these feats reached Shades ears. The Mistress of Shadow and Desire wanted to see for herself if the accounts were true, and so one day she disguised as a mortal and mingled with the Azrians. Shade was amazed by the accuracy of the tales. The Azrian civilization was truly advanced, several hundred years advanced, and the people desired more progress and more fame, and a much larger territory. Shade knew that must not continue. No mortal race should be allowed to be of almost equal standing with the gods. Hence, the judgment of Azria.

Fire ravaged the entire continent. Heavy rains of acid came down from the heavens and destroyed everything it touched, even the palace. Everyone perished in the catastrophe, including the king and the prince. No one survived. In one night all the glory that was once Azria was reduced to ruin, and it remained as thus for many, many years.

Time flowed onward and Azria was forgotten; lost in the annals of history, buried in the sands of time. For thousands of years it seemed no one would ever know the tale of the great kingdom, until one day a merchant ship bound for Darkon had the fortune of getting caught in a storm and crashing upon the continent. There was only one survivor, an explorer, and he was astounded at the sight of the land. Although old and derelict, the surviving infrastructure was unmistakably advance in nature, and the relics hinted at technology that far outmatched anything he had ever seen at the time.

It took the explorer several days to get rescued and when he did, he immediately requested for an audience with the mayors of Flaris, St. Morning and Darkon. He told them his tale and urged them to mount an expedition to the newfound land. When the expedition returned, though, what the crew mostly recounted were stories of exhaustion and of massive creatures that hindered further exploration. It was then that the leaders called upon the adventurers of Roika to aid in the quest: to brave the new lands and discover the challenges that await in ancient Azria!